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Less than 3 in 10 people at retirement age have any form of plan for funding long term care.

People in retirement

While automatic enrolment will see more people saving through pensions, some people will need to save more to have an adequate income in retirement. The ability to access pension money from age 55 and to have the freedom to make income choices may also have an impact on later life.

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  • Thursday 1 November 2018

    12 November - For love & money: Understanding links between finances and relationships to better help couples

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Financial capability in action

Delivering community financial advice workshops in Leicester

Poverty was highlighted locally as a key cause of loneliness and isolation. This project aimed to offer an additional resource, complementing the Leicester Ageing Together programme by exploring how to improve older people’s financial capability.

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Talk Money Week: 12 - 18 November 2018

Talk Money Week (the new name for FinCap Week) is the annual celebration of the work thousands of organisations are doing to improve money management across the UK.

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Financial capability of NHS patients

Between January 2017 and March 2018 Auriga Services was funded by the Money Advice Service to develop the financial capability of patients with renal failure and people with inherited metabolic disorders through face-to-face advice and support in healthcare settings.

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People in retirement strategy

People in retirement need to balance the need to make ends meet while preparing for unpredictable life events like ill health, care needs or bereavement. The Strategy aims to improve accessibility of financial products and services, providing tools and guidance that reflect the reality of life in retirement.

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People in retirement steering group

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