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89% of employers agree financial concerns have an impact on staff performance

Working age

Working age covers a large period from the ages of 16 to 70, and covers a wide range of financial decisions and life events. Poor financial capability leads to increased stress, and the connection between physical, mental and financial wellbeing is increasingly being understood. Financial capability interventions for working age adults cross a range of areas: workplace, welfare, housing, health, technology and life events.

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  • Friday 28 September 2018

    Event: Learning from the What Works Fund, 23 October 2018

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Financial capability in action

Evaluation of the ‘Supported Rent Flexibility’ pilot

Financially ‘squeezed’ social housing tenants in London and the South East had the opportunity to under and overpay on their rent at different points in the year.

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Talk Money Week: 12-18 November 2018

Talk Money Week (the new name for FinCap Week) is the annual celebration of the work thousands of organisations are doing to improve money management across the UK.

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Changing behaviour around online transactions

This project sought to create evidence around how to embed digital skills in a financial capability intervention for struggling working age adults.

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Workplace strategy

The Strategy aims to understand the role that employers can play in supporting and improving financial capability. Financial difficulties can lead to decreased productivity in the workplace. How can employers support the financial wellbeing of their people day to day, through life events and into the longer term?

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Life stages across the UK